Awards Ceremony for the 2018 Zheng Qiang Scholarship
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On the afternoon of January 7th, the 2018 Zheng Qiang Scholarship was awarded in the lecture hall of the administrative building of the North Campus at GZU. Attendees included: Chen Mingming, Deputy Director and Secretary General of the Provincial People's Congress; Zheng Qiang, honorary director of the Zheng Qiang Scholarship Management Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University, and Former President of Guizhou University; Zhou Mingqin, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial People's Government; Wang Honghong, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Education; Li Jianjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of GZU; and Song Bao’an, President of GZU.

In his keynote speech, Li Jianjun gave credit to Professor Zheng Qiang who is dedicated to serving GZU and the people of Guizhou through his genuine efforts. In order for more GZU students to graduate successfully, the University aimed to increase financial assistance,. which would surely will make a difference in their future lives. Mr. Li suggested that the students at GZU should live up to the expectation of Professor Zheng Qiang and meet society’s challenges by staying thankful and working industriously. 

After Linghu Caitao, Deputy Secretary of the GZU Party Committee, read the approval letter for the 2017-2018 Zheng Qiang Scholarship Awards, Chen Mingming, Zheng Qiang, Zhou Mingqin, Wang Honghong and Li Jianjun presented the awards to students.

Ren Guoru, the student representative of the award winners, made a speech, in which, he thanked Professor Zheng Qiang for his constant care, concern and support for GZU. In his speech, he promised that GZU students will study diligently, work earnestly, stay grateful, and most importantly, take real actions in order to benefit society.

The times when I was working at GZU have been the most remarkable and happiest moments in my lifetime. If I could have another chance, I would definitely choose to work for any educational sector in China's western region and I would love to make a difference like a burning candle for the educational cause there,” said Zheng Qiang passionately. He claimed that the Zheng Qiang Scholarship Awards belongs to GZU and the Guizhou people; he believed that GZU would become one of the most prominent universities in China through the hard work of generations of GZU community members.

Chen Mingming spoke highly of Professor Zheng Qiang for his contribution to the education of Guizhou and the development of GZU. He noted that the establishment of the Zheng Qiang Scholarship fully showcased Professor Zheng's lofty ideology and love for the nation. He also suggested that corporations and communities have a social obligation to continue supporting the further development of Guizhou. In addition, everyone should become an active player for the educational improvement in Guizhou and play a role in poverty alleviation throughout the province.

Lastly, he stressed that it is crucial for GZU to manage the fund in a proper fashion and review the applicants appropriately. He reminded the students awarded that they should be patriotic to their motherland, grateful to society, and ambitious in their career. Additionally, he stressed that they should bear in mind the core values of socialism, and strive to become the new generation for the country’s rejuvenation.

In November 2017, Professor Zheng Qiang was awarded a Special Contribution Award for Guizhou’s Higher Education and 500,000-yuan bonus, in recognition of his contribution in shaping GZU and his efforts in elevating the educational level in Guizhou and Western China. Professor Zheng Qiang donated all 500,000 yuan to GZU; he set up the “Zheng Qiang Scholarship” with the money in an effort to enhance academic education and career prospects for GZU students. Following the setup of the fund, over 11 million yuan was raised. This year is the first year students will be awarded with scholarships. Twenty students at GZU were granted scholarships and 10 students received stipends, together totaling 200,000 yuan. 

Wang Honglei, the Executive Vice President of GZU presided over the award ceremony. Among the attendees were Zhao Degang, Dean of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Yang Zhu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Wu Cinan, Dean of Anshun College; Zhao Mingren, Party Secretary of Maotai College; Zhang Xiangyan, Party Secretary of Provincial People's Hospital; Zhang De’en, Dean of Guizhou Equipment Manufacturing Vocational College; Wang Lin, Vice President of Guizhou Minzu University; and Jin Daochao, Tang Benwen, and Li Junqi, the leaders of GZU. More than 200 participants from GZU also joined the ceremony, including key personnel from various administrative divisions and representatives of students, faculty members, and staff.  

Text: Liang Yukun (GZU News Centre) & Guo Li (Intern)

Photography: Chen Heng (GZU News Center) 

Chief Editor: Yin Zixi 

Senior Editor: Tang Juan 

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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