GZU and East China Normal University Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
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On January 8th, the Guizhou Provincial Government and East China Normal University (ECNU) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guiyang. At the same time, GZU and ECNU signed a five-year Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation. According to the provisions of the agreement, GZU and ECNU will work together with the aim of mutual promotion, collaborative innovation, resource sharing, and common development. Based on the status quo of discipline construction and ongoing research projects, GZU and ECNU will cooperate extensively in various areas such as talent cultivation, faculty training, discipline construction, and academic research. 

On the morning of January 9th, Tong Shijun, Secretary of the Party Committee of ECNU, paid a visit to GZU with his team. Li Jianjun, Secretary of the GZU Party Committee, gave them a tour of campus. They visited Guizhou Provincial Key Laboratory of Public Big Data and were given a brief overview of the laboratory in terms of the background, overall principles, research concentrations, organizations, research teams, and experimental platforms.  

The two universities, following the campus tour, held a meeting featuring pairing assistance and cooperation in the first conference room of the No. 1 Administration Building of the North Campus of GZU. At the meeting, they discussed matters pertaining to Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation between the two universities. Director of Provincial Education Department Zou Lianke attended the meeting. Some key GZU leaders, including Li Jianjun, Song Bao’an, Wang Honglei, Linghu Caitao, Jin Daochao, and Li Junqi were also present.

Li Jianjun delivered a speech. He noted that the signing of the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation between GZU and ECNU marked the beginning of a new chapter for both organizations. In his speech, he indicated that GZU will spare no effort to make the partnership between the two universities mutually beneficial. He also showed that GZU will step up efforts to establish a top-level cooperation mechanism, improve communication mechanisms, seek common development, and eventually, further improve the quality of education.   

Wang Honglei, Executive Vice President of GZU, and Sun Zhenrong, Vice President of ECNU gave a brief introduction of their respective universities. 

Qin Yongbin, Deputy Dean of the College of Computer Science and Technology of GZU, made a report on the developmental matters related to software engineering and big data science and technology disciplines. 

Academician Song Bao’an, President of GZU, underscored the aim of pairing assistance and cooperation between ECNU and GZU, which is to elevate discipline construction and update development concept. He said that ECNU has strong capabilities in many fields such as the humanities and social sciences, software engineering, and big data disciplines. He then pointed out that GZU will seek to cooperate with ECNU in order to promote discipline construction at GZU as well as talent training.  

Tong Shijun spoke highly GZU’s efforts to implement national development strategies in a bid to boost the local economic development in Guizhou. He expressed his appreciation for GZU’s capacity to seize opportunities and work hard to boost development. He also said that ECNU will bear in mind its missions, take advantage of its strength and resources, and work with GZU in an effort to heighten the development of both universities. 

In the afternoon, Zhou Ao’ying, Vice President of ECNU, gave a lecture entitled “New Era, New Economy, New Profession – the Exploration and Application of the ‘New Engineering’ at the College of Data” in Room 702 of Boxue Building (Teaching Building No.1).

Text: Liang Yikun & Li Mingyi (GZU News Center) 

Photography: Center Li Baifeng (GZU News Centre) 

Chief Editor: Fan Jiajia 

Senior Editor: Tang Juan 

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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