The 12th Annual Leadership Conference of MBA Union of China Held at GZU
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On December 15th, the 12thAnnual Leadership Conference of MBA Union of China was held at the Guiyang Convention Center with the theme of “A New Momentum after the 40 Years of Reform: Entrepreneurship and High Quality Development in a New Era.” The Conference was hosted by the MBA Union of China and GZU, and co-organized by the College of Management and MBA Association of GZU.

Present at the Conference were Li Hanyu, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Guizhou Provincial Committee, Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of Guizhou General Chamber of Commerce; Sun Guoqiang, former Vice Governor of Guizhou Provincial People’s Government, former Vice Chairman of CPPCC Guizhou Provincial Committee and Honorary Dean of the College of Management; Wang Honglei, Executive Vice President of GZU; and Li Xianqiang, Chairman of the 13thMBA Union of China. There were nearly 1,000 attendees at the Conference, including deans and professors from 100 universities, members of the Advisory Committee, chairs of regional unions and outstanding MBA/EMBA students.

Li Hanyu delivered a speech. He pointed out that the guiding principle for enterprise management is “honesty and credibility.” This is not only a moral requirement, but also a basic criterion for entrepreneurs. With the promotion of “Transportation Priority” scheme, Big Data, “Comprehensive Health” and “The Big Strategy,” Guizhou has entered a stage of rapid and healthy development. He invited entrepreneurs from all over the country to contribute to Guizhou’s lasting development.

Wang Honglei reviewed the history of MBA education in China. He said that the Annual Leadership Conference of the MBA Union of China not only witnessed the progress of MBA education in this country, but also developed a high-level platform for entrepreneurs in various industries, MBA students, and education managers. Furthermore, it has become a high-end brand event for the MBA in China. He believes that with the progress of reform and opening-up and the boom of the socialist market economy, China’s management education has moved from a period of rapid to steady development. He hoped to see more interaction among universities in China and more frequent exchanges with Western counterparts so as to borrow established mechanisms of MBA talent development. He believed this would help to build a system of MBA education with Chinese characteristics and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of China’s economy.

After the opening ceremony, Sun Guoqiang gave a speech on the topic of “Management Innovation in the New Era of Digital Economy.” He detailed the notion of digital economy based on the analyses of its 6 traits and 6 key factors concerning management innovation. Zhao Zhiping, Deputy Director of the Finance Office of the China Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment, gave a presentation on “Reform and Reconstruction.” He reviewed economic development over the past 40 years of reform and opening-up in China, and addressed such issues as the economic environment and characteristics of the domestic market in 2018.

At the roundtable discussion, experts and entrepreneurs had a thorough discussion centered around the relationship between entrepreneurship and high quality development in the new era. Subsequently, the MBA Union of China presented an initial “Excellent Project;” and Shi Yubo, an MBA student of the College of Management, GZU, displayed his project of “One-Stop Solution to Hardware and Software Design at Smart Factories.”

Text: Li Mingyi, GZU News Center

Photography: Luo Yu, GZU News Center

Chief Editor: Yin Zixi 

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Zhu Xiaofeng

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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