Winter Clothes Distributed by GZU to Freshmen from Low-Income Backgrounds
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On December 3, the 2018 ceremony for distributing winter clothes to freshmen from low-income backgrounds was held at Yangming College. Among the attendees at the ceremony were Linghu Caitao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC GZU Committee, the directors of the Student Funding Management Center and Yangming College, as well as 30 student representatives.

Linghu Caitao delivered a speech at the ceremony. She stressed the notion of student-oriented education and the importance of caring for and supporting students from poor families. She said that with the approach of the cold winter, the university had purchased winter clothes for some students from low-income backgrounds as a way of embracing them with love and care. Linghu Caitao expressed her hope that these students could face up to difficulties with optimism, bear their missions firmly in mind, work hard, and make contributions to the realization of the Chinese Dream.

Student representatives expressed their thanks to the university for the care and help, and promised to live up to the expectations of their teachers and parents, and to make contributions to society.

The program of distributing winter clothes has long been undertaken by GZU, for which the funding has been growing year by year. This year, GZU spent nearly 200,000 yuan in the purchase of over 2000 winter clothes for more than 1000 students from poor families. The university administration has promised to increase the funding and provide care to more students.

Text: Luo Wenwen (Intern), Ruan Zhenzhen (Intern)

Photography: Luo Fei (Intern)

Chief Editor: Li Hui 

Senior Editor: Yang Bo

Translator: Zhu Xiaofeng

Proofreading: Austin DiCola, Zhou Jie

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