James Holness, Director of the Office for International Relations and Project Management of Swansea University, Visited GZU
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From November 22nd to 23rd, James Holness, Director of the Office for International Relations and Project Management of Swansea University, Professor Guo Yuzhen, College of Engineering, and Wang Songbai, Chief Operating Officer of NCEE China, paid a visit to GZU.

Zhang Qin, Vice President of GZU, met with the visitors. Attendees at the meeting were the directors of the Academic Affairs Office,Student Affairs Office, Student Admission and Employment Office, Financial Department, Office of International Relations, College of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering College, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Materials and Metallurgy, etc.

At the meeting, Zhang Qing introduced to the guests the history of GZU, and provided information about its student development programs, faculty, disciplines (especially those of science and technology), and exchange and cooperation programs with Britain. She pointed out that the “Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools” program is an important inclusion on the agenda of international exchanges and cooperation of GZU. The University needs to introduce from Britain its high-quality educational resources and talents and to explore more cooperative modes. This is vital to the disciplinary construction and internationalized education at GZU.  

James Holness made an introduction to the development of and the disciplinary construction by the College of Engineering at Swansea University. He said that this visit was intended to enhance the cooperation between the two universities. He hoped that the cooperation would improve the training mechanism of innovative talents and help bring about mutual benefits, thus promoting the development of both universities.

Hong Yun, Director of the Office of International Relations, reviewed the preparation of faculty, teaching materials, classrooms, and teaching facilities by GZU for Chinese-foreign cooperation in education. She expressed her hope that the two sides be fully engaged in cooperation.

An in-depth discussion was held on the details concerning the cooperation. James Holness and other visitors were invited to schools involved in the program for further discussions. They exchanged views on the design of curricula, credits, study duration, and requirements for obtaining a degree. They also visited laboratories, the Center for Engineering Training, the National University Science Park, and more.

    Text: Liu Jiani (Intern)

    Photography: Chen Heng

    Senior Editor: Tang Juan 

    Translator: Zhu Xiaofeng

    Proofreading: Austin DiCola, Zhou Jie

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