Danny Green, Vice President of York College of Pennsylvania, Visited GZU
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GZU makes full use of various social resources to enhance its “internationalized education”. On November 22nd, Danny Green, Vice President of York College of Pennsylvania visited GZU. This visit was facilitated by Xu Mingfeng, the assistant to the governor of Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and the member of 18th Ph.D delegation organized by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the Central Commission of the Communist Youth League of China, and Xie Xiaojie, the assistant to the President of GZU and the executive Dean of the Medical College of GZU. Attendees at the meeting were Zhang Qin, Vice President of GZU, and the directors of the Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School, Academy of Science and Technology, Office of International Relations, Academy of Music, Art College, College of Civil Engineering, College of Life Sciences, Medical College, College of Management, College of Computer Science and Technology, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, College of Forestry, and Institute of Physical Education.

Zhang Qin made an introduction to the geographical, cultural, and tourist features and advantages of Guizhou Province as well as the strengths of GZU in academic research and international exchanges, especially those with U.S. institutions. She also introduced a goal for the construction of GZU as a “Double-First Class” university. Zhang anticipated Danny Green’s visit would enhance the mutual understanding between the two universities and would promote the construction of an internationalized platform for mutual benefits and a more speedy internationalization of GZU.

Danny Green introduced the development, strengths, and international cooperation of York College of Pennsylvania. Attendees were especially interested in York College’s policies concerning the development of international students.

At the meeting, directors of schools and colleges made presentations in English on their respective educational conditions, disciplinary strengths, faculty development, and potential fields of international cooperation. The two sides also had especially engaging discussions on topics including faculty and student exchanges, research cooperation, credit recognition, etc.

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